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Microblading Alternatives

Microblading is the best-known technique in Permanent Makeup industry. A lot of people don't see a difference between Microblading and other techniques such as Powder Brows, Ombre Brows or Brow Lamination. Some individuals are not great candidates for Microblading service due to their skin condition or health conditions and less invasive approach is needed to shape the eyebrows.

What are your options? Here is a list of Microblading alternatives:


Powder Brows (Micro shading) has grown in popularity in the past couple years. One of the reasons is because Powder Brows is more suitable for almost any skin type. These two beauty services do have different techniques. Microblading mimics hairstrokes, where Powder Brows implants little pixels into your epidermis and creates soft powder effect giving a less invasive option. Powder Brows and Ombre Brows are also known as Instagram Eyebrows, because more and more Influencers are choosing this option. Powder Brows and Microblading both services last 1-3 years.

microblading vs powder brows


Another great alternative for Microblading is Brow Lamination. This service only lasts 6-8 weeks, but it will provide that fuller looking brow effect. Tint doesn't last on skin as long as Permanent Makeup would, but the lamination itself lasts up to 8 weeks. This is completely non-invasive option, which gives awesome results. Why not trying the trendiest eyebrow style at the moment?

brow lamination


If you're not ready to commit to Permanent Makeup, Henna Brows or Brow Tinting is for you. Benefits of this service that the appointment only lasts up to 30 minutes, but the downside is that it will only last you 4-6 weeks. It is great option to try out before getting Permanent Makeup.


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