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Permanent Makeup & Darker Skin Tones

Permanent Makeup artists always need to consider color of the skin and undertones. Skin is determined by amount of melanin we have in our skins. People with low melanin ten to burn, those with a lot of melanin do not. It should come as no surprise that the darker the skin, the harder for pigment to show up. However, Permanent Makeup like Powder Brows and Lip Blush can be done by a trained professional.


permanent makeup

powder brow

Permanent eyebrow cosmetic tattoo can be safely and beautifully created by a knowledgeable artist who understands how the pigment colour interacts with the complexities of the skin and undertones, in order to predict a gorgeous healed result of your permanent makeup treatment. No one wants sharpie looking eyebrows! Black pigment, tattooed in the skin, regardless of natural colour, will eventually change to a dark charcoal or even blue hue. We were not intended to have eyebrows with these colours. Natural is always the aim. In this case client wanted warmer color color, similar to her brow pencil. I think the goal was reached!


lip blush

lip blush

Darker skinned individuals often want to change a dark line or dark patches on their lips. This is the melanin richness at work.   Melanin protects the skin, but it can, at times, be problematic when it shows up on lighter areas of the body or when an over-production is triggered by injury. The lip tissue, being so different from other skin, will hyper pigment (become darker in parts), or sometimes even hypo pigment (become lighter in spots). This can occur sometimes even from something as simple as too much sun exposure.  So, to attempt to create a pretty pink lip colour with a permanent lip tattoo treatment on melanin-rich lip tissue, the result could take many sessions. Usually lip neutralization session is required to lighten the lips. Once lip has lightened enough, target color of choice can be applied.

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By Elicci Beauty

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