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Permanent Makeup Quotes

Here you will find a great collection of quotes, captions & sayings for your social media post.

Permanent Makeup Quotes:

  1. "But First... Permanent Makeup."

  2. "Wake up & don't makeup."

  3. " Sure my life isn't perfect, but my Permanent Makeup is."

  4. " Eat. Sleep. Permanent Makeup. Repeat."

  5. " Look fabulous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Permanent Makeup."

  6. " Permanent Makeup isn't expensive, it's priceless."

  7. " Beauty that never washes away."

  8. " Never take a bad selfie again."

  9. " Be stunning without a smudge."

  10. " Be bold, be beautiful, be Permanent."

  11. " Permanent Makeup = Perfect Makeup."

  12. " Always look your best without trying."

  13. " You can't buy happiness, but you can buy Permanent Makeup."

  14. " I'm the Permanent Makeup Artist they told you about."

  15. " Don't make a wish, make your Permanent Makeup appointment."

permanent makeup quotes

Powder brows/ Ombre brows Quotes:

  1. " Always do you, but let me do your Powder Brows."

  2. " Making the world more beautiful, one brow at a time."

  3. " Keep calm, my eyebrows are rain proof."

  4. " Maybe your eyebrows are the problem?- Me giving relationship advice."

  5. " A girl is not complete without her Ombre brows."

  6. " Brows, it's more than a treatment, it's Art."

  7. " Good Brows. Good Mood. Good Day."

  8. " You think I'm listening, but really I'm doing your brows in my head."

  9. " Eyebrows, one thing that you can get into shape without exercising."

  10. " Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Powder brows."

  11. " Ombre Brows make everything better."

  12. " Good brows aren't cheap, and cheap brows aren't good."

  13. " I do Powder Brows, what is your super power?"

  14. " Eyebrows speak louder than words."

  15. " Life is good when your brows are on point."

permanent makeup

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