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Powder Brows & Microblading Ghosting Stage

After Powder Brow or Microblading service color retention and results are different for each individual. Factors such as Sun exposure, Workout, skin type, and skin tone determine how your brows heal. Final results can be unpredictable for mature skin, oily skin or darker skin. Your aftercare is 50% of your healed results.

Healing Process

  • Day 1-3 Finely detailed, slight redness and swelling

  • Become darker because the color is oxidizing. Don’t worry, this won’t last!

  • Day 5-10 – The brows will start to peel and scab in some areas. DO NOT PICK! During this time the skin underneath the scabs may look light and ashy and may look like the strokes have disappeared, this is the ghosting stage and is normal (don’t freak out). Be patient!

  • Day 10-30 – After 10 days you may use brow makeup if needed. After about 28 days the skin naturally exfoliates and regenerates its self and the color from the strokes or pixels that have faded will push through again. You won’t be able to see the true healed results till at least 4 weeks and that's when you're ready for the touch up. At the touch up we can adjust the shape and color if needed and fill in any little spots that have faded.

permanent makeup
Powder Brows Magic

Permanent makeup is a tattoo. It will fade over time but can last for several years. That's why it's important to do your research. There are many ways to learn in advance how good your technician will be in terms of the technical skills, safety and artistry.

If you're ready to invest in yourself with Elicci Beauty, book your appointment today!

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