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Brow Lamination

What is Brow Lamination and why it's trending?

brow lamination

Brow lamination is new trending technique for eyebrows and it still continuing to grow in popularity. This service is good for anyone who is looking for "fuller" and more brushed up look rather than having your hair going straight.

1 - Brow Lamination Process

1- After cleansing your brows, technician will start placing brow hairs in upward position using Step 1 solution, that will ensure that it targets brow from root to tip. This solution is important because it holds brow hairs in place throughout treatment.

2- Step 2 solution is then applied to brows. This creates a chemical process, allowing for hair to be manipulated into a new shape.

3- Tinting is optional but can be done as step 3. Waxing or any other type of hair removal is a must to get desired results.

4- All products above must be completely removed, and conditioning serum is applied to hydrate and condition the hairs.

eyebrow lamination

2- Is Brow Lamination Permanent?

Unlike Powder Brows or Microblading, Brow Lamination is not permanent and will last you 6-8 weeks. Depending on your aftercare and lifestyle. It's recommended to wait 8 weeks before scheduling your next Brow Lamination appointment.

"Brow Lamination. Your next Beauty obsession."

3- Brow Lamination Price

It all depends on your location and beauty professional, but it ranges anymore from $60-$150.

4- Brow Lamination appointment time

You should be expecting to be at your appointment anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on if you need waxing, tinting and processing times of the solutions.

5- Is Brow Lamination worth it?

Brow Lamination is a safe treatment which can be done to make your brows appear fuller in just one treatment. We don't advice you do this treatment at home yourself or with anyone without professional training. Due to chemicals involved in this process, it should be done by a beauty professional, because of over processing and irritation.

Overall, it’s a treatment to consider if you’d like a new look that can be easily maintained. Not only this, but it’s currently very on trend, so now’s the right time to get your brows laminated if you wanted to give this new look a try.

Brow Lamination Booking

Feel free to book your Brow Lamination service on our website.

or call (708)252-8292

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