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All about Lash Lift

Ready to wake up with gorgeous, lifted lashes? A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent lash enhancement that can give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. It involves lifting and curling the natural lashes and tinting them for a fuller, more dramatic look. It lasts up to 4-6 weeks and requires minimal maintenance.

Lash Lift aftercare is very simple, but it is important to wait 48 hours before wetting them, applying mascara or applying any lash growth serums.

lash extensions

The process involves using a perming solution to lift the lashes up from the root and then fixing them into place with a nourishing and conditioning fixer. Appointment usually takes 45min-1hr.

Lash lifts can be done safely when done by an experienced technician. Indre uses only the highest quality products and take extra care to ensure the safety of our clients.

There is no maximum number of how many times Lash Lift procedure can be done, but you should wait for the recommended interval of 4 weeks between each service.

6 Benefits of a Lash Lift

  1. No need for Lash Curler.

  2. Lashes look fuller, thicker and longer.

  3. Eyes appear more open and youthful.

  4. Low maintenance and aftercare required.

  5. After treatment it is WOW effect, but next day they look even better!

  6. Great alternative for lash extensions (which can be time consuming and require fills)

lash lift

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